Small GroupTraining:
Have Fun With Your Friends &
Get Your Best Body Ever

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Small group training  is for you if you
  • Want to lose weight and have fun doing it
  • Want to transform your body
  • Need motivation to get going
  • Like working out with other people
  • Don't like going to the gym
  • Want a small group so you get individual attention
  • Want the benefits of 1-on-1 training without the cost

Small Group Training delivers:
  • A complete top-to-bottom makeover of your body
  • Varied and fun workout activities that keep you motivated and excited
  • Enjoyable interaction with a limited number of your friends
  • A professional personal trainer to provide motivation, encouragement, instruction and accountability
  • All the benefits of 1-on-1 Personal training with the added benefits of social support
  • An affordable program, quality workouts and RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS!

You Will Watch the Fat Melt Away!
Whether you want to lose weight or just to kick-start your fitness routine, group training will help you reach your goals.  It's a mixture of cardio, strength training, flexibility and balance exercises using your body weight, resistance bands, weighted balls and the natural terrain of the park and is suitable for people of all fitness levels.  We do things in intervals to keep your heart rate going and maximize the fat burning.  It is a challenging and dynamic workout with unique exercises to wake up your muscles.

Small Group
By limiting the group to 2 to 4 friends, everyone has room to move and get individual guidance and direction. If the trainer can't see you through the crowd to correct your position, you may be doing exercises incorrectly and this will result in not getting the benefit of the exercise or, worse, it can lead to injury.

Get Motivated & Have Fun
Boring workouts kill motivation.  With group training your workouts change regularly - different exercises, different equipment, different levels of difficulty.  You get a challenging, yet fun, workout to help you achieve your goals and to keep pushing you regardless of your fitness level. One day you might be in the park with a workout that includes sprints and walking lunges and the next day you could go down to the beach to run, crawl and roll in the sand. You will feel the fat melting away. This variety keeps you on the edge of your comfort zone and continuing to make progress week after week. In other words, you get the friendly kick in the butt you need.  A month in this program and you'll go through a total body transformation, you'll work hard, you'll feel muscles you didn't know you had, you'll even be sore for a few days and you'll have lots of fun.

I want to make you feel good about yourself, like you've done something great. I will motivate you and encourage you to do your best, I will push you outside your comfort zone, past where you would push yourself, but not to the point of pain.  You can take a break if you need to, get water whenever you want and there is no yelling or screaming.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on the following: Adherence to the program, medical conditions, age, gender, diet, activity level, etc.