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Affordable Training


Individual Sessions: $60/Session

Multi-Session Packages:
12-Session Package - $650 (10% Discount)

8-Session Package - $455 (5% Discount)
*Multi-session Packages must be used within 60 days

Monthly Packages:
3 Sessions per week - $625 per month
2 Sessions per week - $425 per month

By clearly understanding your goals and lifestyle I will be able to build a personalized program designed to reach your specific goals so multi-session packages include a FREE Pre-Program Consultation/Assessment ($100 value)
Includes: Health History, Body Fat Testing & Measurements, Current Fitness Level, Strength and Flexibility Testing, Nutrition Consultation and Personal Goal Setting.

Get the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost by sharing personal training sessions:
  • “Share” your private session with 1, 2 or 3 of your friends (up to 4 people total), just add $20 per extra person per session. It's the perfect way to make private sessions more affordable and have fun working out with your friends. 
  • Example: Total cost for 4 people paying for one session would be $120 ($60+$20+$20+$20). That’s only $30/person, a 50% DISCOUNT!

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Ask about additional specials and fitness packages for:

  • Mix & Match Services to Create your own Individual Program
  • Company Wellness Programs:
Design Employee Wellness Programs
Corporate Retreats
Corporate Lectures, Seminars or                            classes
  • Full Body Flexibility & Balance Programs
  • Pre- and Post-Pregnancy Fitness
  • Active Older Adult Fitness & Flexibility

***For more information on Company Wellness Programs see
10% Discount for You & Any New Client You Bring
Call Me Today: 424/238-5540 or 310/387-5241
Weight Loss, Diet & Nutrition Counseling - $400
Eating and exercise program for healthy weight loss--slow, planned, achievable and lasting weight loss
  • Lifestyle and nutrition assessment & education
Diet analysis for calorie count, nutrition value, eating patterns and diet-busting triggers
  • An individualized diet program will be designed to achieve your weight loss goals
Menu planning
Low fat recipes
Nutrition label reading
Supermarket tour: What to buy and what not to buy