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Stay Motivated

by Carole Phillips on 07/25/10

Keeping up with an exercise routine can be as hard as starting out in the first place.  How do you keep exercising without getting bored and losing motivation?  These methods can help you stay focused and inerested in your exercise routine:

  • Find a buddy or a trainer who will exercise with you and won't let you back out of your workout dates.
  • Set goals and a schedule times and dates for exercise on your calendar.
  • Push yourself to go a little harder or a little longer and you'll feel great afterward.
  • Pump yourself up with some favorite music: high-energy, fast-paced songs can give the boost you need to get through your exercise routine.
  • Come up with different options, i.e. walk one day, run another, go for a bike ride and try different aerobic and weight machines.  You're more likely to lose motivation if you stick to the same workout routine.
  • Your environment can have a big impact on how well you focus on your exercise routine.  If you prefer being outside, schedule a program with outdoor activities.  If you get too distracted by other people in the health club, try investing in videos or exercise equipment and do your workout at home.
  • Don't exercise on an empty stomach.  Have a light, healthy snack before a scheduled workout so that you don't feel hungry.

Just keep your end goal in mind - better health, fitness and happiness - and find ways to enjoy your workout.

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