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Stand Up Tall!

by Carole Phillips on 11/23/10

Want to know a secret about how you can look better instantly? It's simple: Straighten up!  Proper posture truly does affect the way you look and feel.  Unfortunately, many of us walk with less-than-upright posture and it's even worse when we sit.  Ever find yourself hunched over your computer at work?  Yep, most of us do.  It's a matter of training your body to sit or stand up nice and tall.

First, assess your current posture; then make improvements.  Imagine balancing your head squarely over your sholders; realign your shoulders so they are neither in front of your chest nor behind it.  By perking up your posture, you'll dramatically improve your appearance and look pounds lighter - and feel more confident too.  Focus on how amazing your body feels and try to make your body memorize the position.

To help hold the position in the future, stretch the front of your body and work the muscles in your upper back.  Most of us bend over to stretch our lower back but never bend backwards to stretch the front of our bodies, this results in tight chest muscles that hold us hunched over.  If we build up our back muscles and stretch our front, we will stand taller.

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