Stability Ball 101 : Stay Fit and Healthy

Stability Ball 101

by Carole Phillips on 07/19/10

Here's why you should get ballin':

  1. A stability ball works your abs way more than regular crunches do.  Plus, use it in place of a bench for strength moves and your core gets a workout too - you'll engage your deep obliques and lower-back muscles to stay in place.
  2. It's adaptable to every fitness level.
  3. It helps banish back pain.  Physical therapists love the ball because it strengthens the deep muscles of the spine.

Ball Basics:

  • Choose the right ball for your height: 5' = 45 cm ball; 5'1"-5'7" = 55 cm ball; 5'8"+ = 65 cm ball.
  • Inflate the ball enough so that when you sit on it with your feet on the floor your knees are even with or just above your hips.
  • To make the exercises more difficult, add more air to the ball.  The firmer the ball, the greater the challenge.

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