10 Proven Fitness Resolutions for 2011 : Stay Fit and Healthy

10 Proven Fitness Resolutions for 2011

by Carole Phillips on 12/31/10

Here we go - ready to storm into 2011 with great fitness resolutions.  Is your resolution to get fit? Lose weight? Feel more energetic?

In my many years of personal training experience, nothing sets a person up for failure as much as an open-ended, generic fitness resolution. Every resolution needs to have an action plan and a real goal you can celebrate reaching. I'm also not a big fan of lots of resolutions and goals.  Having 1-3 resolutions focusing on fitness goals will bring greater results than a list of 10 that make you feel overwhelmed.

Limiting the resolutions, being focused and maintaining consistency is the key.  I'm going to help you by providing 10 resolutions.  All you have to do is pick 3, fill in the blanks where necessary or modify the resultion based on your fitness experience.  Remember don't choose all of them.  Just 1-3 resolutions is all it takes.

Let's start with a contract.  Yes, that's right; you have to make a written commitment:

I (place your name here) hereby resolve to implement the following fitness resolutions:

  1. I will lose 4 pounds per month for a total of __ pounds by (place date here).
  2. I will work out 3 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes for the months of January to March.  If my schedule allows, I will add a 4th day in April. (If 2 times per week is more realistic, then go with that.  The key is consistency and what's realistic is based on your lifestyle.)
  3. I will increase my endurance by 2 minutes per week so that I can power-walk an additional 16 minutes per workout session by March 1. (you can choose any form of cardio, but there must be a realistic time increase and a time frame goal).
  4. I will perform resistance exercise 2 times per week for 20 minutes using a whole-body workout routine.
  5. I will find an exercise DVD or video game that I find fun and will do it 2 times per week for the months of January and February. This resolution provides a fun element and a short-term goal.  I'm sure you'll want to continue after February, but the short-term goal takes some pressure off. (Since my daughter doesn't live close enough to train with me, I gave her a Kinect for Christmas and she says she has been getting quite a workout and having lots of fun.) 
  6. I will find a group exercise class such as spinning, zumba, bootcamp, or my Body Design class (I teach at the Santa Monica YMCA) and I will commit to 2 days per week for 30 days.
  7. I will increase my flexibility by stretching 3 days per week for 7-10 minutes (flexibility is important and it doesn't take all that much to improve.)
  8. I will go for 2 15-minute walks per day from Monday to Friday.  One walk will be at lunch time and one walk will be after dinner.
  9. In early January, I will find a Yoga or Pilates class and attend 2 times per week to improve my posture, balance and range of motion.
  10. In early January I will hire a personal trainer (I think I would be a good choice) for 2 sessions per week for a total of 20 sessions. (For obvious reasons, I highly recommend this resolution and I probably should have made it #1.) This is a good one for those people that need a good push, some teaching and some motivation - which pretty much describes everyone.

Remember only choose 3 resolutions and I know you can do this.

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